July 2012 – Changes


  • Black Market is linked.
  • Vampires in the Vampire’s Keep are now vulnerable to gas and acid.

Class Balance

  • You can no longer stand and leave the room after being bashed or failing a bash.
  • Parry for monks who remorted for parry has been resolved.
  • Reflect is now dispellable and nullable.
  • Detect trap is now granted at level 47 instead of lower levels.  Players with detect trap will retain their percentage but will be unable to use the skill until they level to 47.
  • The max duration on traps has increased to they will may last a little bit longer, but they will decay at the standard rate.
  • Ice added back in to the spell imbue.
  • Chance to dispel increased slightly.

Code Changes

  • New advice messages added on tic.
  • Nonremorts will now only drop a corpse if within 10 levels.  Remorts will drop corpses as usual.
  • The stag-crested galvorn breastplate given to characters who created just after Ch1.5 has been replaced with a new wolf-crested galvorn breastplate.  The stag-crested shield, however, was reverted to subissue.
  • Kingdoms have been re-implemented.  The income from kingdoms has been reduced by roughly 50%.  New events have been added in to the random events and the framework for a research system have been implemented.


  • Certain items that current cost have had their price increased.  Most notably, items in the Black Market.
  • Items now degrade condition at a rate of 2% per hit instead of 5% per hit.


  • A bonus of 10 experience was added to raiding to help promote PK.
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