August 2012 – Changes


  • A new leveling area has been added to Tier to ease leveling from 15/20 to 40.  It is very similar to the Sands zone currently in Undermountain.
  • A new end-game zone, the Crypt of Leth’nor has been added in.
  • Natan Delgo is no longer immune to bash, he is resistant instead.  Additionally he will spawn vampiel guards less frequently.
  • Zechariah Bock has slightly more hitpoints.
  • Jerold Hunt will no longer cast random spells.  He will, however, continue to use breath spells.
  • The crystals in the Jerold Hunt engagement are lo longer immune to just about everything and have less hitpoints.
  • The Leth’nor trash all have a chance to drop a new spellcaster mace.

Class Balance

  • Saves vs Spell were normalized and updated to reflect the gear currently in the game.
  • Entangle and web were shifted from “save often” to “save normal”, meaning both should land more frequently.
  • Walls of Force were removed from witches with the ability for web to land more frequently.
  • Smite now ignores saves completely.
  • Purify mana cost increased from 20 to 30 and now hits nets, webs, and entangle.
  • Disrupt added to druids.  Please see an administrator if you do not have it.
  • Damage output for tremor and firestorm have been increased slightly.
  • The parry rate for classes who do not default with the skill and must remort for it was set at 55%.  It has been reduced to 40%.

Code Changes

  • New clans added.
  • The experience cap was increased from 300 to 500.  This does not mean players will receive more experience for killing mobs, however, the maximum they may earn has been increased.
  • Acquire has been implemented for kingdoms allowing people to dump gold into research and obtain restring tokens, engineering tokens, and a vulpine imbue.
  • Kingdom accidents were normalized and now based on a static number instead of a percentage.   The hit to research has stayed at a percentage, as it only affects the current research rate and not what’s been researched.
  • Prices on acquire have been adjusted.
  • Tokens of Gratitude added to acquire to allow players to obtain items and help equip new players.
  • Head Constables and constables can now note to constables and read notes from constables.


  • The ‘eat’ and ‘drink’ commands can now be used even when full.  Additionally, you will no longer become hungry or thirsty.
  • The wolf-crested breastplate has been removed from creation and replaced with a spider-crested breastplate.
  • The item “a potion brewed by a witch” from the Black Market has been nerfed.  The sanctuary and shield were removed from the potion.
  • The black lotus was increased from a level 4 to a level 5 ingredient.


  • A message was added to raiding to allow you to see how much experience was earned.
  • Max group size was reduced from 6 to 5.
  • LGG now triggers at 5 in a zone.  This does not affect raiding in any way.
  • Camping disincentive code has been implemented around city gates to encourage people to stay away in the form of direct damage from the cities archers.
  • Experience loss for both PK/PvP deaths and mob deaths was reduced from 250/% to a flat 100.
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