September 2012 – Changes


  • Sven Gerstreich’s gear has been buffed.
  • The Minikh Assassin’s gear has been buffed.
  • The Devourer of the Innocent now loads a pair of leggings.
  • The spider-crested galvorn breastplate that loaded with character creation has been removed, replaced by a flame-crested breastplate.
  • Ancient ruby rings have been upped slightly.

Class Balance

  • Unholy word no longer casts “cure serious” with it’s rotation.  It does however curse.
  • Holy word now casts a “cure critical” with it’s rotation.
  • Damage on circle has been reduced by 20%.
  • Stun no longer affects players who are stunned or sleeping.
  • Monks using an offhand exotic should deal more damage with it and hit more frequently.
  • Strike damage was increased by 20%.
  • Monks have gained detect trap.  If you do not have it please contact an immortal.
  • Berserk now adds more hitroll/damroll that it did previously.
  • Barbarians were given lore and blind fighting.
  • Warlocks no longer get 4th attack.
  • Warlocks gained rescue, walls of force, and screaming walls.  They also now have disrupt.
  • Rangers were givne flamestrike.
  • Healing on cure critical has been increased slightly.
  • Witches recite rate has been reduced from 5 casts / 2 rounds to 4 casts / 2 rounds.

Code Changes

  • Banked gold max balance increased from 6 million gold pieces to just over 10 million gold pieces.
  • Overall damage output has been decreased by 10%.  This affects all damage.


  • Nimble daggers are no longer flagged for your inventory – they will go to the ground when you are disarmed.


  • Login rooms are no longer safe.  Watchers will stay in place until mid-September at which point they’ll be removed leaving you without protection.
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