October 2012 – Changes


  • Number of minor changes to mobs inside of Undermountain.
  • The area list was cleaned up and players who had not logged in within the last 90 days lost their castles.

Class Balance

  • Charmed mobs are limited to one per 20 levels instead of one per 15 levels.

Code Changes

  • All non-remorts will level at 80 points/4000 experience points per level regardless of what skills or spells the player takes.  This change will affect all created non-remort characters so there is no need to recreate your character.
  • All shopkeepers now generate more gold / tic than they did previously allowing them to buy more of your items.
  • Mudconnector vote link updated in advice tic.  Please vote at the following link: http://bit.ly/SPuhKB
  •  Reviews have been enabled on Mudconnector, feel free to review us at: http://bit.ly/VWfH9u
  • All skills and spells can be preacticed to 100 with the exception of detect trap which will practice to 76%.
  • Many helpfiles have been updated.  If you notice one not updated please contact an immortal.
  • A number of mobs were added to the quest table for players above level 51.  A number of mobs that didn’t make sense were in turn removed.
  • Cooldowns on quests reduced by 50%.
  • Penter and Pexit were implemented to display when players log in and out of your kingdom.
  • Gratitude points are now stored in your pfile instead of your bank or inventory.  If you would like to redeem some please contact an immortal.
  • Kingdom code has been changed allowing a maximum of 60,000 vassels instead of the previous 30,000.


  • Iteration flag was created for item.  This causes items to not drop from your corpse when you die – instead you retain them.
  • The outfit command has changed – if you use it you will now be equipped with a basic set of iteration 1 equipment.
  • Titles changed as follows:  56 – Duke, 57-58 – Master, 59-60 – Count, 61+ Lord
  • The chestpiece given to newbies is now flagged as an iteration item.
  • Halloween items will drop over the holiday season from enemies.  This will run from 10/26/2012 – 11/2/2012.
  • Changes to unhly staves and staves of destruction.


  • Killed by Player no longer shows up on the attribute sheet.
  • Killed by Player no longer affects warpoints or warscore for the individual or the kingdom.
  • Raiding an enemy kingdom now grants 25 experience instead of the previous 10.  It also grants 25 warbucks.
  • Experience loss when you are killed either by an enemy player or an enemy mob has been reduced from 100/100 to 50/50.
  • When an enemy is killed the group has a chance of obtaining an iteration bracer, ring, or neck item.
  • When raiding an enemy town the group has a chance of obtaining an iteration holdable item, shield, or floatie.
  • Warbucks are granted when you kill an enemy player that gives you more than 30 experience points.  These are useable in the Warbuck store.
  • Warscore has been reset.


  • Warbonus and Gratbonus added.  Syntax: warbonus <name> <amount>.  Will grant warbucks or gratitude tokens accordingly.
  • Warbucks and Gratitude points added to stat command.
  • Changes to how room flags were interpreted have gone into affect.
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