November 2012 – Changes


  • Basis of a “Shinarendretan Conflict” has been implemented.

Class Balance

  • Levels now affect saves 5 up and 3 down as opposed to 9 up and 5 down.
  • Saves vs Spells have been adjusted upward with the addition of i2 gear.  Previously 95% vulnerability to saves was obtained at -120 saves.  It will now require -145.
  • Temporalists reimplemented.
  • Temporal now includes summon.  Suspend now heals properly.
  • Age and youth will now fall off with cancellation.
  • Minions reduced from level 50 to level 40.

Code Changes

  • Updates to affect2, AFF_HOLD, and AFF_SUSPEND.
  • Redefined wait state.
  • Changes to creation to help new players select the proper race/class combo.


  • iShops, or iteration shops, have been implemented into each kingdom.  These use players earned warbucks and grant iteration items that do not drop when the player dies.
  • The appraise command was impelemented for iteration shops allowing you to see the stats on the gear before you buy it.
  • Three gratitude shops were added to Shinarendeta.  They sells items that are redeemable for 1 token.
  • Thanksgiving holiday drops will drop from 11/19/12 – 11/26/12.
  • A 25 point gratitude shop has been implemented in shinarendreta.
  • Quest shops implemented in Shinarendreta allowing players to cash in quest points.


  • i2 items now drop from enemy players in addition to the current i1 items.
  • i2 items now drop when raiding enemy cities in addition to the current i1 items.
  • When noquit you will no longer regenerate hit points.
  • Raids now generate 10 experience and 50 warbucks instead of the previous 25/25.
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