December 2012 – Changes


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Class Balance

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Code Changes

  • Changes to how armor class is handled have been made.
  • 8 new mobs were added to the quest rotation.
  • Temporalists can now use the command outfit.
  • Quest rewards changed from 2-3 quest points to 2-4 quest points
  • NOWEAP command impelemted.  Toggle it to disable your weapon spam.


  • The quest hsop now carries iteration seals – hold seal, type “iterate <item>” and it will remove the seal and flag the item as an iteration item.
  • Drop rate on the divinity hammer has been reduced from 23% to 7%.
  • Christmas holiday drops have been added in.  They will run from 12/20/2012 – 12/26/2012.
  • The command “present” was added in to reward our players for PKing over the Christmas holiday.
  • i2 holdies, shields, floaties, rings, necks, and bracers added to the iteration shop.
  • i1 holdies, shields, floaties, rings, necks, and bracers reduced in cost.


  • i2 drops have increased by 10% from enemy players and raiding enemy cities.
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