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01/29/2013 – Act of War Update (4.0.1)

The MUD will be rebooted in the morning on 1/29/2013 to facilitate the following changes. Areas Oran has been re-implemented and the gear has been adjusted. Bug Fixes Temporalists will now load with proper skill sets. Appraise will now properly work at quest, iteration, and gratitude shops. Thief iteration items available for purchase in the […]

Scheduled Downtime

There will be scheduled downtime on January 31st from 2am to around 7am CST.  While the MUD will not be down for the duration of this time there may be issues with latency.  There will be a brief network disruption, after which the MUD will be down until 7am, CST. Our host is working to […]

Wiki Rolling Out

A number of changes have been made to the current code base to help fine tune the balancing. A lot has changed and we’re making an effort to document it all on our new wiki here! Please let us know if we’re missing something that really needs to be documented. The end goal here is […]

1/15/2012 – Patch

Areas n/a Bug Fixes Fixed a typographical error in frenzy. Fixed a typographical error in the advice channels. Class Balance Decay previously did a 25% damage reduction and a 25% reflect.  It now does a 40% damage reduction and a 12.5% reflect. Blight implemented to necromancers for 300 mana / room.  Blight effects the following […]

1/14/2013 – Hotfix

Areas Sorted out a few cross-load issues that were resulting in issues on MUD reboot. Bug Fixes Fixed a number of reset issues. Class Balance Monks have been rolled out to Kael and to Tier. Hiptoss added to monks at level 35.  This skill will allow a monk to slide under an enemy, flip them […]

The Faces of Act of War

I’m working on putting together a collection of photos of the people who play here for old times sake.  We’ve had them before on some of the older websites but they’ve been lost to time. If you’d like to contribute a photo feel free to post it up in the forum HERE!  If you don’t […]

1/11/2013 – Hotfix

Areas n/a Bug Fixes There was an issue with the “chant” skill returning “Huh?” instead of actually working.  This issue has been resolved and the command should not work properly. Lore no longer works in combat. The “pout” social now has a full range of output. Code cleanups to patch up warnings on the following […]

1/10/2012 – Hotfix

Areas n/a Class Balance Monks have been released as a “test” only class to one player per kingdom to test out both leveling and PK.  Pending successful testing, and after a few tweaks, the class will be released. Code Changes There was an issue with topplayer that was fixed.

01/09/2013 – Hotfix

Areas n/a Class Balance Spell damage, in general, has been reduced – especially as it pertains to mages.  This is the first step in a complete rebalance of spell/skill damage that will be taking place over the upcoming weeks. Code Changes Topplayers is now persistent through reboot/crash.  If you’re in 1st place, you’ll stay in […]

1/8/2012 – Hotfix

Areas n/a Class Balance Minions now have stats appropriate to the chapter. Wands, scrolls, and staves were added back to caster classes. Dispel magic now has a better chance of landing on mobs. Code Changes n/a Items The “outfit” command has returned – for 250 warbucks you can outfit a full set of iteration equipment […]