1/6/2013 – Chapter 4 Launch Information

Things are changing with the introduction of Chapter 4.  Some things are staying the same.  I wanted to take a moment to give a quick rundown of things that might be different right off the bat – and might really make you wonder what is going on.  We really stripped the map of a lot of zones – this is to serve two purposes.  We want to help concentrate players in a smaller area and we want to ensure that everything gets balanced out appropriately.  This means there have been sweeping changes to equipment map wide, mobs have been tweaked, and zones have been removed.  Some of these zones will make a reappearance and some of them will not.  Additionally, I have roughly 20 zones in reserve that we’re working on balancing right now that we’ll likely drop in as time progresses.

With the launch of a new chapter code and area changes are going to be handled differently.  Instead of changes being made and a reboot happening it will be more common to see things hold off and for a set of changes to occur at once, whether it’s the addition of new classes, new zones, or feature additions.  Hotfixes will continue to happen as bugs need to be addressed and corrected and will happen very quickly.

Please keep in mind – we don’t have a dedicated beta testing staff, and while things have been run through and tested on the surface things may not make 100% sense right now.  Be patient and try things out.  We will have balance meetings to sit down and chat about things that don’t make sense and things that are out of balance to help bring them in line.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you layers are the reasons the administrative staff continue to work on this project – without you and your enjoyment of this game there’s really nothing to see here.



  • New “newbie” zone for UM to replace the old goats and trolls.
  • Removal of Black Market, Pyramid, Reminder, Sky Islands, Vampires, all of the Cairn zones, the gnome zone just south of Tier, Oran, and a number of other smaller/less known zones that were still linked but served no purpose.

Class Balance

  • An effort to give each class something unique has taken place.  Additionally, each of the kingdoms have unique classes at this point.  Keep an eye out for balance issues and offer suggestions.  Detailed information on classes and how they work is going to be posted in the wiki.  Unfortunately not all of this information is ready yet so it may trail launch by a few days.  There are additionally no help files on the new classes – so take notes and share them on the forum.

Code Changes

  • Numerous changes to how the code works and handles things.
  • Experience cap has been reduced to 250.
  • Max level has been reduced to 50.
  • Titles: Level 50-> Baron, 52-> Duke, 54-> Master, 56-> Count, 58-> Lord, 60-> Legendary.
  • New races have been introduced with the inclusion of two hybrids for each kingdom.  When you create your character it is going to boost your prime stat by +1 point instead of the previous 2.


  • All items have been rebalanced using the same point system that we’ve used in the past.  In Ch3.x up through just before the pwipe i1 items were all 200 points, i2 items were 250 points, and uniques were 270 points.  Your average mob drop item was below 230 points with some peaking up closer to 250.  On the new map the item levels are different – max mob drop is 150 points.  i1 is 125 points and i2 is 150 points.


  • i1 items will be available but have been scaled.
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