1/8/2012 – Hotfix


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Class Balance

  • Minions now have stats appropriate to the chapter.
  • Wands, scrolls, and staves were added back to caster classes.
  • Dispel magic now has a better chance of landing on mobs.

Code Changes

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  • The “outfit” command has returned – for 250 warbucks you can outfit a full set of iteration equipment including head, chest, arms, hands, waist, legs, feet, and about.  A cost was associated with outfit to ensure that needless sets aren’t created and left around town.  More information on the iteration system and outfit can be found here: Wiki: (i1) – Iteration 1 Equipment
  • Many of the wands and staves in the game have been adjusted to better match the current game.
  • The quest shop has been re-implemented in Shinarendreta with re-balanced equipment.  It carries seals for 250QP, purification potions for 20QP, mota potions for 40QP, temporal distortion scrolls for 10QP, darkness scrolls for 10QP, an ingredient – the sanctified candle, for 15QP and a parchment for 20QP.
  • A gratitude shop has been implemented in Shinarendreta.  Gratitude is currently awarded for reporting bugs via the bug command or through notes.


  • Iteration 1 bracers, necklaces, and rings now drop from enemies in combat.
  • Iteration 1 tomes, holdable items, and floaters now drop from raiding enemy towns.


  • The HP bonus on catalyst has been reduced.
  • The MP bonus on combust has been reduced.
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