1/11/2013 – Hotfix


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Bug Fixes

  • There was an issue with the “chant” skill returning “Huh?” instead of actually working.  This issue has been resolved and the command should not work properly.
  • Lore no longer works in combat.
  • The “pout” social now has a full range of output.
  • Code cleanups to patch up warnings on the following files: do_boy, do_combust, do_catalyst
  • Code cleanups to patch up warnings on the following files: act_obj.c, comm.c

Class Balance

  • Monks strike was changed from level 20 to level 4 to ensure they have a damage based skill.
  • Rift now targets only players (both allied and enemy) that are in the same zone.  The lag on rift will stay at  one round for now.
  • Phase implemented for temps.  It’s an active skill that lasts for level/6 tics.  It is self-cast-only, and when active increases the caster’s dodge chance by 20%.
  • Temps have been released in a “test” environment – 1 / kingdom.

Code Changes

  • The entire casting system has begun a major overhaul to streamline the process and prevent the “75% learned = 25% success rate” problem that’s common on ROM MUD’s.  Until this is completed all spells will land 10% more often.


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