1/15/2012 – Patch


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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a typographical error in frenzy.
  • Fixed a typographical error in the advice channels.

Class Balance

  • Decay previously did a 25% damage reduction and a 25% reflect.  It now does a 40% damage reduction and a 12.5% reflect.
  • Blight implemented to necromancers for 300 mana / room.  Blight effects the following spells: entangle, tremor, firestorm, and control weather.
  • Ghasts created using animate dead now properly die when “turn undead” is used on them.
  • The following spells had their damage changed:
    • Acid blast reduced from level(d)14 to level(d)13.
    • Chain lightning reduced from level(d)6 to level(d)5.
    • Demonfire reduced from level(d)14 to level(d)13.
    • Smite reduced from level(d)14 to level(d)13.
    • Acid breath reduced from level(d)18 to level(d)16.
    • Fire breath reduced from level(d)15 to level(d)14.
    • Frost breath reduced from level(d)17 to level(d)15.
    • Lightning breath reduced from level(d)20 to level(d)17.
  • Reflect was causing mages to dodge 5% more frequently.  This is no longer the case.
  • Steps movement rate was reduced from 50 moves per room to 25.
  • Traps now show up differently in rooms to players who can see them.
  • If a trap is set in a room it will not let you set a new trap until it has fully decayed.

Code Changes

  • An overhaul of the help system began with the first half of them being implemented today.  It still does not include helps for races or classes.  Expect these to be fleshed out in the next day or two.


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