1/14/2013 – Hotfix


  • Sorted out a few cross-load issues that were resulting in issues on MUD reboot.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of reset issues.

Class Balance

  • Monks have been rolled out to Kael and to Tier.
  • Hiptoss added to monks at level 35.  This skill will allow a monk to slide under an enemy, flip them around, and slam them into the ground.  There is a chance that the target will be knocked out of the room.
  • Temporalists continue in testing – until more feedback is received they will sit in a “holding” pattern awaiting release.
  • Many of the skills for scouts have been implemented.  They will open to testing in the next few days.

Code Changes

  • The overhaul of the casting system has continued.
  • An overhaul of the help system began with the first half of them being implemented today.  It still does not include helps for races or classes.  Expect these to be fleshed out in the next day or two.


  • New armor/weapon shops were added to each of the kingdoms.  The items available in these shops average between 60 and 100 points to allow players to supplement their gear.
  • UM previously had no bag/light shops available to it’s players.  A new shop was implemented that sells both bags and an item equivilent to the warbanner available in the other kingdoms.


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