01/29/2013 – Act of War Update (4.0.1)

The MUD will be rebooted in the morning on 1/29/2013 to facilitate the following changes.


  • Oran has been re-implemented and the gear has been adjusted.

Bug Fixes

  • Temporalists will now load with proper skill sets.
  • Appraise will now properly work at quest, iteration, and gratitude shops.
  • Thief iteration items available for purchase in the iteration shop now has appropriate stats.
  • Bash works properly.
  • A number of advice messages were corrected.
  • Keywords for all humans were adjusted so “human” works.
  • Blight had an issue with rollout.  This has been resolved.

Class Balance

  • Backstab and circle will both now work better with a dagger.
  • Charging will now do additional damage when using a polearm.
  • Scouts are implemented in a testing phase to all kingdoms.  Additional info on scouts here: link to forum.
  • Witches implemented in a testing phase to Undermountain only.  Additional info on witches here: link to forum.
  • Eagle eye now displays differently then farsight does.
  • Bards have been made available to all kingdoms.
  • Brutal damage will increase monks damage in hand to hand by 10%.
  • The bash affect on hiptoss has been lowered slightly.
  • Barbarians brutal damage will now grant 5% less damage than previously.
  • Mages spell damage has been reduced as follows:
    • Acid blast reduced from level(d)14 to level(d)13.
    • Chain lightning reduced from level(d)6 to level(d)5.
    • Demonfire reduced from level(d)14 to level(d)13.
    • Smite reduced from level(d)14 to level(d)13.  Now checks saves.
    • Acid breath reduced from level(d)18 to level(d)16.
    • Fire breath reduced from level(d)15 to level(d)14.
    • Frost breath reduced from level(d)17 to level(d)15.
    • Lightning breath reduced from level(d)20 to level(d)17.

Code Changes

  • n/a


  • The spelledge form the citadel now has a damage message.
  • The eagle’s egg in Thunder Plains now can be interacted with.


  • Iteration 1 items in the iteration shops have decreased on cost.  Iteration 2 bracers, necks, and rings now drop from killing enemies of similar levels.  Raiding now has a chance of dropping iteration 2 items.  Expect a full roll-out of iteration 2 items in the iteration shops with the next update.


  • n/a
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