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1/7/2012 – Hotfix

Areas Slaen are removed pending rebalance. Class Balance Spell damage has been adjusted on a number of spells to bring them into the realm of appropriate damage.  This means a number of them had the damage output increased.  A few suffered damage decreases. Healers all received cure serious if they didn’t have it previously. Healers […]

1/6/2013 – Chapter 4 Launch Information

Things are changing with the introduction of Chapter 4.  Some things are staying the same.  I wanted to take a moment to give a quick rundown of things that might be different right off the bat – and might really make you wonder what is going on.  We really stripped the map of a lot […]

The World Shudders

The forces of Undermountain chanted and sought to bring the wrath of the gods down on the world.  They erected tribute piles of bleached enemy skulls to the gods and sacrificed their captured enemies to let the world drink in the blood.  It corrupted the soil, the forests, and the air.  Eventually, even the lesser […]

Armageddon and Pwipe

There will be an Armageddon and pwipe on 1/6/2013 at 8PM CST.  All existing players will be deleted after the pwipe and only one character per person will be allowed in during the Armageddon. Mobs and guards act differently during an Armageddon  – many of them will lose their aggro (though they will stop you […]