New Chapter – Up And Running!


I made a pretty poor call with the Ch1.5 and have since killed it. I’m working with a handful of dedicated AoWers on putting some serious polish, balance, and work into the Ch4.  We’re looking to resolve the bugs, flesh out the skills/spells, get it all documented in the wiki here, and finish up a completely new map. I want to make sure you guys retain an enjoyable code base that you ENJOY.

As such, the code base from before 4 is back. It’s a late 3.x early 4.0 code base prior to race/class changes.

All new players receive a stag-crested breastplate and shield to help push along the leveling a bit.

If you’re looking to build drop me a note.  I’d be grateful to receive a little more help if anyone is interested.

All previous threads on the forum were moved to a storage forum.  They’re still on the main forums, just scroll down.  We had amassed a good chunk of junk over the last year or so and I felt like it was a good time to clean up some.

Thanks again,

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