Summer 2013 – Random Loot

With rolling out a new chapter I’ve decided to push new PK random-drop items with it.

On every PK kill there is a 25% chance at a random item.  The items are as follows:
5% – grilled burger – level 50 sanctuary pill
5% – corn on the cob – level 50 haste pill
5% – prepackaged stunt double – level 50 decoy & teleport pill
3% – Torch of the Phoenix – i2 light, 50hp/50mp/50mv -10svs, infinite
3% – Ashes of the Phoenix – i2 dark, 50hp/50mp/50mv -10svs, infinite
3% – Breastplate of Cerronous, Lord of the Hunt – i2 breastplate, 200hp 1-svs
1% – Iteration Seal

With fine tuning the code to where we’re at right now the “present” code has been removed.  It will return frequently and will always bank off of the same statistics, so if you cashed in now you won’t be able to cash in for those same items later.

Thanks for playing and welcome back!

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