06/27/2013 – Patch


  • Framework for the next Leth’nor encounter was implemented.
  • Signs were implemented outside of kingdom borders to help new players realize when they’re going to enter into a dangerous situation.  Additionally, the sector type for ALL border guards was changed from it’s default to something more noticable.  Finally, the archers that pepper you from inside each of the towns now provide a more noticable message.

Bug Fixes

  • A number of guilds were patched up.
  • A number of typographical issues were resolved.
  • Implemented a number of default spell messages that were previously missing.
  • Titles show up on the who list again.

Class Balance

  • n/a

System Changes

  • Inclusion of a promotion system.  Current promotion is effective for players coming in from Reddit.  Existing players should not use the promotion code for incoming players from Reddit.
  • Newbie flags were added to the game.  The flag can be toggled on/off using the “newbie” command.  This will add a flag to who, look, farsight, and eagle eye.  It helps identify players who might not have experience on Act of War so your fellow kingdom-mates can help you get equipment and orientated to the map.
  • NOWEAP has been implemented and is now displayed in the “auto” menu.  It will toggle off weapon damage messages.
  • Scrolls will now default your target, instead of yourself, if you have a target.  If you do not have a target the spell will still burn but without a target.
  • Quest rewards were increased for “kill” quests, from 2-4 quest points to 4-6 quest points.  Gather quests remain at 2-4 quest points.


  • All donation pits were cleared out.
  • Cleaned up iteration drop code.  Items should drop more frequently.
  • Cleaned up holiday drop code.  Items should drop more frequently.


  • UM has been labeled “For Experienced Players Only” again to reflect the issues with being weak to sunlight and the weaker kingdom guards/raid defense.


  • High elves should now receive eagle eye.  If you previously remorted as a high elf but do not have eagle eye please see a member of the administration.
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