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12/17/2013 – Patch

Quick note – Eck went through and changed how quest timers work.  They now run in real time instead of imaginary time.

12/6/2013 – Patch

Areas n/a Bug Fixes n/a Class Balance n/a System Changes Reddit promotion was disabled.  If you’d like to be a part of a future promotion please contact a staff member. The “Present” command was re-enabled for Christmas.  A gift from the staff to you.  For every 25 warpoints you have you’ll be able to claim […]

Return to War and Christmas Promotions!

Doing a reboot this afternoon. In today’s build: the return of Christmas item drops during PK. Additionally, it is Christmas, and as a gift to you, you’ll be able to open your presents (once you hit 56). Get more warpoints to open more neat stuff. Finally – I miss seeing everyone online. All existing characters […]

Website Update

A number of backend updates were made today.  At first glance it appears everything is working, and looking, like it should.  That said, if you see anything acting strangely please drop a note up. -Hobbie