AoW 4.0 – Last Stand – Alpha Testing

After a number of setbacks and delays we will be opening Ch4 to alpha testing on Friday, March 21st, 2014.  The alpha port will be up on a separate port – so if things get slow on the alpha port you’re welcome to hop on and play the regular port.  It should be noted that the alpha phases are going to be pretty limited – but each alpha test will run around a week in length – but each will focus on specific things that we need to test in order to finish, and release, Ch4.

Week 1 : 21 – 27 March
A small “alpha” map will be opened up.  The map is small, but each kingdom will have it’s own home.  Raiding is not the focus and attempting to raid will likely result in you winding up dead.  Instead, it’s designed to test the classes, the skills, and mechanics in an open playing field.  As an administration we want to get your feedback on what feels right – and what we’re doing terribly.  Focused testing groups will take place at announced time to test leveling from beginning to level 20.

Week 2 : 28 – 3 April
The actual cities will be linked in to the alpha map.  The focus here will be raiding, and raid mechanics.  What feels right, what feels wrong.  What needs to be added to the fray to encourage a challenging experience that will take 5-6 players.  Again, we’ll be looking at class balance and skills – but the focus will be in a slightly different area.    There will also be focused testing groups taking place at announced times to test leveling from level 20 -40.

Week 3 : 4 – 10 April
Main testing focus to be announced.  There will be focued groups taking place at announced times to test leveling from 40-50.

Week 4 : 11 – 17 April
Main testing focus to be announced.  There will again be focused testing groups taking place at announced times to test “endgame” equipment gathering.

The tentative beta “Go live” with full map and initial class release is set for 18 April 2014.


1) Will my characters transfer from the alpha to the beta?  Or on to the live game?
a) No.  In fact, there will likely be multiple wipes during the alpha.  This should slow down during beta and it’s undecided right now whether or not your beta characters will simply transition into the live game or not.

2) Why do you need to wipe the characters so often?
a) We’re testing balance – and a part of that is the individual characters.  Do they end up with too many hitpoints?  Do they have too much mana?  These things need to be assessed, balanced, and in turn, reset.  Worry not – the leveling will be for the most part automated so you’re testing what we want you to test, not wasting time leveling.

3) So what exactly do I get for helping you test the game?
a) The pride in knowing your advice helped develop the actual end product for the most part.  As mentioned, it’s undecided now whether or not you’ll keep your beta characters when we transition into the live environment – but if you can, there’s a step up, too.  Finally, the knowledge you’ll gain regarding class/racial balances and the map will help you when the game is released.

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  1. rashida says:

    Rashida Approves.

  2. Hobbie says:

    7pm CST today – we’ll be testing the first 10 levels in the low level zones. If time permits, we’ll knock out up to 20.

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