Act of War 4.1.1: War for Shinarendretta

On Thursday, January 12, 2017, AoW 4.1.1 will launch.

The Mother Matron’s monsters have boarded giant black ships, and the corsairs have crossed the sea and landed near Shinarendretta. They intend on sacking the city, defiling the ancient magic, and taking the resources back for the mother.  The mystical capital of the West stands lightly defended against the horde – will Shinarendretta’s previous colony, Tier, come to her defense?  Will the stalwart warriors of Kael rise up, ready to challenge the minions of Evil and defend the ancient magic empire?


  • A map expansion on the current Shinarendretta.  Each kingdom has a “starting city” and a seeded area outside of it.
  • A complete revamp of how kingdoms work.  The Shinarendrettan continent is player controlled.  Outside the “landing camps”, the rest of the land may be claimed by the players.  Kingdom borders will shift and players fight to push the other kingdoms out of the land.  Struggle to exploit the natural resources and build a keep of your own, or torch an opponent’s keep and raid it’s storehouse.
  • Use your kingdom to craft new and impressive equipment.
  • Become the savior, or defiler, of Shinarendretta

A “help” guide will be released later this week, but essentially as a player you’ll be able to capture land, improve the land as you see fit to generate the resources you need to improve your holdings across the sea.  You’ll be able to battle opponents, pillage their lands, steal their resources, and in the end, either save – or destroy – Shinarendretta.  Each encampment, keep, and structure built (and held) by the players aids their kingdom in final points.

Rewards: Anything earned during the campaign, to include random drop items, crafted items, and gold.  All players who participate will unlock the “Defender” or “Defiler” title at the conclusion of the war – because who wants to be a baron?
The top contributing player will have a permanent statue erected in Shinarendretta in their honor.
If Shinarendretta is saved from destruction (Tier and Kael victory), Tier & Kael will generate 25% more warbucks and experience for the first two weeks of February, 2017.
If Shinarendretta is sacked by Undermountain (UM victory), UM will generate 25% more warbucks and experience for the first two weeks of February, 2017.

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