Act of War


An early photo from the Act of War development server.

To help keep everyone in the loop, to get the word out a little bit, and to keep staff motivated, I wanted to address the “player base”. At this point, the term is a bit of a misnomer, as “old fans” or even “friends” is more appropriate. The text version of the game is still being worked on and actively developed. We have a few staff members who continue to contribute significant time to the game to get a new release pushed that brings a new, but familiar, map, exciting class changes, and a return to the original story.

In parallel, we have a team pushing forward on something we originally approached in 2015 but abandoned because we didn’t share the collective time, resources, or finances to under-go the project: a graphical iteration of Act of War that has sat on the shelf for the last four years, unattended. Over the last six months a team has been putting together a code base and framework to support this graphical iteration of Act of War. This weekend I put the finishing touches on the database engine; programming and alpha testing will continue.

As we find ways to develop out the functionality that made Act of War both fun and unique, more time will be sunk into “framework” items that build the foundation for our projects’ success. That said, the project is coming together quickly! The server is up – players are capable of logging in; they can fight and kill each other, there are quests, and NPCs to interact with. While the pieces are coming together rather quickly, our work will require extensive testing and polish to make our efforts worth a damn in the long term.

There’s a million games out there to play; you all have continued to choose an old reliable.  The old reliable isn’t quite dead yet! We want to get you all involved, and we’ll post more information here as it becomes available. As we open things up to testing we’d be happy to rely on you all to provide the continued passionate and expert advice you have for the last twenty years.


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