gAoW Timeframes

A quick screenshot from gAoW’s 0.0.3 build.

The admin team has been hard at work implementing systems familiar to AoW, and others that just need to be there for modern games. We’ve made a lot of progress getting the foundations in place, but still have some distance to close.

Over the next few weeks, we’re finalizing systems, and getting things to work like they would on AoW. We’ve got a few alpha stress tests scheduled (to test the AWS resources, and to see if we need more or less infrastructure at this point in the game). That said, we’re planning to release 0.0.5 in August which will include a test of leveling zones (1-10), and some limited PK.

We did opt to shift our development efforts to 2D, as the team as a whole has experience with 2D development, but not 3D. It’s best to get working with what you’re comfortable with, and if we feel like going 3D at some point, hey, we can do that, too.

If you’d like to help with the stress testing, feel free to send me a note on MUD, via Facebook, or through email.

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