gAoW 0.0.4 Complete!

Current functions and features.

The Alpha 0.0.4 Update went as smoothly as we had anticipated and was ready on time. The patch included the addition of the 4 primary classes for each kingdom, and the framework for players to specialize into their “end class” at level 20. This was templated on Ch4 where you’d select a general class (i.e., fighter, apprentice, acolyte, etc) and specialize into the appropriate class later, but the base skills/spells woulds stay.

Some major graphic overhauls as we tested an isometric 2D map instead of the traditional 2D map. I’m not sure which way it’ll go at this point (and am happy to listen to any feedback). A lot more of the “back end” pieces that made AoW continued progress this week, with stats being reworked, as well as the implementation of AC and resistances/vulnerabilities.

The test server successfully handled over 50 concurrent connections and players moving in close proximity without any issues, as well as some (very minor and simplistic) PK. When people die, the full corpse drops to the ground in a lump of sadness. Things are starting to /feel/ familiar.

The next two weeks will be the most focused, as we prepare the 0.0.5 alpha update and begin to allow more of you AoWers in to take a peek, poke around, and have fun.

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