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Website Update

A number of backend updates were made today.  At first glance it appears everything is working, and looking, like it should.  That said, if you see anything acting strangely please drop a note up. -Hobbie

Festival of Havoc 2013

The Festival of Havoc has begun! The forces of Undermountain brought death down on the world in a rain of fire.  The world splintered and burnt.  Now they celebrate this sundering every year in hopes that the death of their enemies will bring about another cataclysm. When felling an enemy in combat the following items […]

Wiki Rolling Out

A number of changes have been made to the current code base to help fine tune the balancing. A lot has changed and we’re making an effort to document it all on our new wiki here! Please let us know if we’re missing something that really needs to be documented. The end goal here is […]

The Faces of Act of War

I’m working on putting together a collection of photos of the people who play here for old times sake.  We’ve had them before on some of the older websites but they’ve been lost to time. If you’d like to contribute a photo feel free to post it up in the forum HERE!  If you don’t […]