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gAoW 0.0.4 Complete!

Current functions and features.

The Alpha 0.0.4 Update went as smoothly as we had anticipated and was ready on time. The patch included the addition of the 4 primary classes for each kingdom, and the framework for players to specialize into their “end class” at level 20. This was templated on Ch4 where you’d select a general class (i.e., fighter, apprentice, acolyte, etc) and specialize into the appropriate class later, but the base skills/spells woulds stay.

gAoW Timeframes

The admin team has been hard at work implementing systems familiar to AoW, and others that just need to be there for modern games. We’ve made a lot of progress getting the foundations in place, but still have some distance to close. Over the next few weeks, we’re finalizing systems, and getting things to work […]

Act of War 4.1.1: War for Shinarendretta

On Thursday, January 12, 2017, AoW 4.1.1 will launch. Story: The Mother Matron’s monsters have boarded giant black ships, and the corsairs have crossed the sea and landed near Shinarendretta. They intend on sacking the city, defiling the ancient magic, and taking the resources back for the mother.  The mystical capital of the West stands […]

12/17/2013 – Patch

Quick note – Eck went through and changed how quest timers work.  They now run in real time instead of imaginary time.

12/6/2013 – Patch

Areas n/a Bug Fixes n/a Class Balance n/a System Changes Reddit promotion was disabled.  If you’d like to be a part of a future promotion please contact a staff member. The “Present” command was re-enabled for Christmas.  A gift from the staff to you.  For every 25 warpoints you have you’ll be able to claim […]

06/27/2013 – Patch

Areas Framework for the next Leth’nor encounter was implemented. Signs were implemented outside of kingdom borders to help new players realize when they’re going to enter into a dangerous situation.  Additionally, the sector type for ALL border guards was changed from it’s default to something more noticable.  Finally, the archers that pepper you from inside […]

Summer 2013 – Random Loot

With rolling out a new chapter I’ve decided to push new PK random-drop items with it. On every PK kill there is a 25% chance at a random item.  The items are as follows: 5% – grilled burger – level 50 sanctuary pill 5% – corn on the cob – level 50 haste pill 5% […]

2/15/2013 – Patch

Areas n/a Bug Fixes n/a Class Balance Fencing now properly works but only works with a sword either in main or offhand. Bind added to warriors, barbarians, and scouts.  This allows them to heal on the go. Caltrops implemented to scouts. Zealots and Geomancers implemented in a test status. Code Changes Dodge and Parry were […]

Server Migration

We moved to a new server with the same host today.  As such, the game is now accessible via telnet:// port: 4000. Yes, the port changed from 5000 to 4000.  Feels good to be back at “home”.

2/3/2013 – Patch

Areas The Citadel is now accessible without fly. Bug Fixes Detect invis was added to a number of classes by accident.  It has been removed if it was not intentionally there. Class Balance Witches implemented to Undermountain. Monks now hit harder with their fists. Forage implemented to a number of classes. Code Changes Hunger/thirst reimplemented […]