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Monthly Tournaments
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Author:  Sanchu [ Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Monthly Tournaments

Was thinking once we got enough people we could start doing monthly or maybe even weekly tournaments for those who want to participate. Two teams 3v3 "draft league" where everybody "signed up" for the tournament will have a rating, known as a value point(VP). Appointed raters will be chosen to rate every player that is in the tournament with a value point ranging from either 1-5, 1 being lowest value point and 5 being the highest someone can be rated. There will be a "VP" cap on every team that will be let's say...8, so that means you can't play three 3 VP players and just stack for the win, teams will be more even. Anyways, each team will try get at least 8-10 players that they will draft before the tournament begins. Each team leader will draft a team of players from the VP pool by alternating picks. To see who get's first pick, pick a number between 1-20 and whichever team leader is closer to the designated number get's first pick. Teams are selected and given a name and the first fight will be underway. There will be time limits on each fight, so if time expires, it's a tie. It the game does not end in a tie, the winning team will recieve a point. There will be a short break and another fight scheduled shortly after the break. Here's where leaders need to start thinking somewhat. Will the winning leader keep the same teams? Or cycle through some VP's? And will the losing leader switch up his lineup? Or keep rolling and hope they'll win with the first game lineup they lost with. The teams will not know who they are facing before the fight, so they will not be able to counter classes rather will have to rely on teamwork and skill and maybe some patience. If one team wins two fights in a row that week, the tournament is over and they are the winner and will recieve 1 T Point(Tournament Point) for that months ranking. There will be a T Point cap of 4, and only 1 match per week (We'll work out best time??) If both teams end up having 2 T Points at the end of the Monthly Tournament, they will have to play a sudden tie breaking match to see who the true winner is. Can work out the kinks as they come, this just a rough draft I was thinking about and thought it'd be cool to put it in a game. Can I get some feedback on this though? Any would be appreciated, or any ideas or changes or updates to add to this. But basically, it's just a simple draft tournament with rated players and almost unstackable teams(Most important part is to make teams even and not stack. Anyways, thoughts me.

I know I probably don't got the math all worked out smoothly yet, but you should get the general concept of the idea, if not, facepalm yourself right this instant.

Author:  Kasata [ Mon Dec 08, 2014 3:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Monthly Tournaments

I think monthly might be a stretch since the pbase has only double in the last week or two, maybe weekly tournaments or a weekday and weekend tournament (2 vs 2 and if enough people are around after that maybe 3 vs 3) I was thinking something simple like single elimination type. Team Doubles (pick your partner, kill as many as possible), prize can be set on the amount of wins you get, this way people who win a couple matches still get prizes, example 3 rounds of matches, 1 wins = prize, 2wins = prize, 3 wins = prize (remember single elimination so 3 wins means 3-0 X_X and maybe then you can keep track of weekly tournament winners, rank/points can be added based on amount of wins, maybe a season can be 2 week real life time and end of 2nd week you hold a special even after the weekend tournament where top rated teams can compete in single elimination for 1 prize. (thats all for know, im sure i can come up with more)

--In addition Points can be something like
1 win = 1 point
2 win = 3 points
3 wins = 5 points

Let me know what you think.

Author:  Sanchu [ Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Monthly Tournaments

I think the Draft idea would make it so the groups aren't just stacked all to hell. That wouldn't be fun then. Drafting with Value Points will allow lower tier/mid tier/high tier to all play together. It's just a thought anyways, we need people to test this kind of stuff out :)

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