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Automated Lottery
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Author:  Sanchu [ Mon Dec 08, 2014 2:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Automated Lottery

Similar to the global message you got from crusades. Lottery will start every 90 minutes or so, and run for 10 minutes after it starts. You then can run to surveyor and purchase using AoW Cash a lottery ticket that will be 1 Dollar per ticket, you are allowed 2 tickets per lottery. The tickets will allow you to use the lottery channel to guess your two numbers from the two tickets you just bought. Let's say lottery will pick a random number between 1-500 and the jackpot will start at "5 Dollars AoW Cash". If either of your two guesses win the random winning lottery number, then you win the jackpot, which would be your 2 dollars back and the 5 Dollars you just won. For every ticket bought, jackpot raises, if nobody wins lottery that round, jackpot will just be higher next round until some lucky soul wins it. It could get huge, it could stay low, regardless it's an automated event that I think would get lots of positive interaction. If the lottery runs smoothly, could even run a slotto(super lotto) every 120 minutes, which would be the same thing as lottery, just better payout and lower chances of winning and higher cost for your two tickets/guesses. (5 dollars for slotto tickets/guesses) The only thing that would be different is that slotto would be 1-1000 and if you came within 3 numbers of the winning number you'll win a small % of the jackpot, come within 2 numbers, alittle higher %, and so on , and of course if you guess right number you win the entire jackpot. Thoughts? Feedback? Ideas? Changes?

Author:  AmmieIrada [ Fri Jun 12, 2020 6:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Automated Lottery

I have tried this method to use it. Can be used really.

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