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This first post is to clarify some things for this story.

*This story will begin in Cairn. For anyone that wants to join in, your first post should be an introduction of your character into the story and why you’re bound for/in Cairn, a possible introduction of your race and your class. I don’t care what race you choose to make your characters, but make even the most magical races as mundane as you can. The same goes for class/profession. The class/profession for Sevn will be a warden, which is not a typical AoW class, but it will steadily be introduced as to what all that entails. I don’t care if your character is a juggler, a carpenter, or a disenfranchised duke.

**A note on magic. Please keep it under control. If you use magic try to require some form of reagent, scroll, or ritual in order to use it. Make it taxing to use, almost debilitating for stronger spells… even life-threatening. Make it require some meditation or preparation. Subtle magic is better. Don’t know a whole lot of spells.

***Do not make actions for other author’s characters in the story. I don’t mind if you write more than one character in the story, but write them within the same post.

****I will direct the underlying plot of the story. Post your character stories as replies to the original post.

*****When acquiring “gold” keep in mind too that poorer is better. It means hardships and sacrifices.

******Make your starting gear spartan, or have a good story to go along with having something awesome in your possession.

*******If you need me to do something to help your personal story along just pm me and I will make it happen.

-A website to show the cost of living in the medieval period:

For my Act of War FanFic here is the currency we will use:

iron alm (dog) (octagonal iron coin with a square hole in the middle for a cord to be tied. Called dogs sometimes because of the four running foxes chasing one another around the edges of the coin. The coin was created for the poor… the god of the poor, Dolphan, has four pet foxes that carry his good fortune and tidings to the poor, sick, and orphaned.)

copper seals (queen) (a copper coin with a crown on one side and the seal of the kingdom of Cairn on the obverse. These are sometimes called coppers or queens.)

silver cairn (silver coin with the queen of Cairn minted on one side and a knight on the obverse. Groups of these coins are often played with by soldiers against walls in a chance game called queens & knights.)

andari lion (square gold coin with a lion’s head or three lions above each other on one side and differing scenes of conquest or rulers on the back)

runes: dwarves utilize runes, glyphs, and gemstones as their currency.

dagger: an underworld currency.


*Some guilds offer guild stamps or guild money that often has random values that constantly fluctuate. It is a speculative currency.

**Sometimes writs, lines of credit, or promissory notes will be given to someone on royal or military business and sealed to be opened by someone who will return that writ for full payment. Sometimes these writs will require items to be given instead of money. Most of the time merchants and lenders will pay these writs because they are often well rewarded with bonuses for honoring them.

***Tier uses Cairnan & Shinarendrettan currency along with the Tieran Droch, and Miter. Kael uses Cairnan currency as well, but also a system of rings of different types of metals (dwarf iron, copper, bronze, silver, gold).

****Most everyone barters as well.

Exchange Rates
10 iron dogs = 1 copper queen
20 copper queens = 1 silver cairn
4 silver cairns = 1 andari lion

-Beggars, Peasants, Serfs, and Farmers make around 1-10 iron dogs a day.
-A daily laborer makes 1-3 copper queens per day.
-A soldier makes 2-3 copper queens per day
-A craftsman makes 4-6 copper queens a day.
-A decent day’s pay is 4 copper queens. This would be what a typical skilled and semi-educated person would expect to make.

*When thinking of making a purchase, just think that a typical person after having worked an entire day will have 20-40 iron dogs. Perhaps the best way to decide the value of goods is to treat the iron dog/alm like a US dollar or slightly less.

A note on the map: The map of the world is much larger than the game map. The distance from Cairn to Tier should take a month to travel in a wagon. Cairn to the dwarven hold of Tharbin would be a week’s travel. Along the roads are hamlets, villages, depots, trading posts, and other such locales not in the game.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 10:39 pm 

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Sevn’s feet ached. Each step in his boots reminded him of his long journey from the northern fells, endless stony hills and plateaus that border the frozen forests of Icthia. He wrestled with the pack slung over his right shoulder, an attempt at alleviating some of the burden he carried. The canvas satchel showed the wear of a hard four months spent patrolling the frontier amongst his kindred, the borderwatch wardens. Sevn thought of the many nights he had darned needle and thread, patching holes in the very same pack, near misses from barbed arrows of the local hill tribes, mending tears and rips won from traipsing through the thick underbrush, racing through frozen forests in pursuit of some quarry. Those cold nights on the fells were spent huddled around campfires, listening to his comrades sing songs and share stories long past sundown, draughts of hot mead helping to keep their chilled bones awake. Sevn did not miss the bitter cold of the north lands, but he did miss the wardens of the borderwatch.

Much to Sevn’s delight, the rocky road he had been traveling the past few days was now giving way to a much smoother cobbled road. This roadway would eventually connect to the Trader’s highway that ran from the city of Cairn in the west to the eastern Dwarven citadel of Tharbin. A wagon path trailed off from the road to his right, and Sevn could just make out a ring of small buildings that made up the hamlet of Ro. Sevn knew exactly where he was. In another few days he would be arriving back in Cairn. Instinctively he checked the inside of the weather-beaten hunter’s vest he wore, a pocket within holding the handwritten report he would soon present to the Queen’s marshal general. With the report delivered, he would head south and return to his post in the northern reaches of the Ambros Mountains. The fair weather had brightened his spirits, and Sevn couldn't help but hum a simple tune shared with him by his fellows, the borderwatch wardens.

[Feel free to introduce your character in their own locale, or have them bump into Sevn here on the road.]

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I share your experiences.

max bet

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 3:23 pm 

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Boyskoy if youd like to participate let me know.

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This article is very well written. I like to read a lot.

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