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gAoW 0.0.4 Complete!

Current functions and features.

The Alpha 0.0.4 Update went as smoothly as we had anticipated and was ready on time. The patch included the addition of the 4 primary classes for each kingdom, and the framework for players to specialize into their “end class” at level 20. This was templated on Ch4 where you’d select a general class (i.e., fighter, apprentice, acolyte, etc) and specialize into the appropriate class later, but the base skills/spells woulds stay.

gAoW Timeframes

The admin team has been hard at work implementing systems familiar to AoW, and others that just need to be there for modern games. We’ve made a lot of progress getting the foundations in place, but still have some distance to close. Over the next few weeks, we’re finalizing systems, and getting things to work […]