Welcome to AoW

Welcome to Act of War Chapter 4.0.  Act of War – The Last Stand.

Act of War began in 1998 as a text-based multi-user dungeon (MUD) and quickly became a very popular game within the MUD/MUSH community.  A number of major updates have rolled out over the years as the code has changed and the story line has progressed.  Join us in our current offering: Act of War: Chapter 4 – The Last Stand.

A war rages between the holy city Tier and it’s old outpost, the stalwart city of Kael.  Meanwhile in the East the Mother Matron and her minions plot destruction to all of the Sunchildren.  Choose a side and join in the struggle in a three way kingdom based PK/PvP experience.

There are multiple classes to choose from, each of which brings it’s own unique skill set to the playing field.  Will you play as a powerful spell-casting mage, a powerful barbarian, or a noble knight?  Act of War currently offers 20 unique classes each with their own strategy and role.

Leveling has been made easy instead of a painful grind in an effort to help you learn how to play your class in both solo and group environments and prepare you for the end game – killing your enemies.

If you have any questions or concerns please communicate with a member of your kingdom or contact an Administrator. Administrators show up on the who list with the prefix “ADM”.

Welcome to War!