The forces of Undermountain chanted and sought to bring the wrath of the gods down on the world.  They erected tribute piles of bleached enemy skulls to the gods and sacrificed their captured enemies to let the world drink in the blood.  It corrupted the soil, the forests, and the air.  Eventually, even the lesser gods were not immune and became tainted with the Mother Matrons magic.

A gods battled among themselves as the forces of Tier, Kael, and Undermountain continued to spill blood and the world was torn asunder.  Mighty earth quakes ravaged the lands and sections of the world disappeared forever while long lost temples, forests, and cities emerged from the fog.

The forces of Tier, long fed up with the bureaucratic nightmare the city had become revolted, killing prince Tornoah and many of his knights and followers. The survivors fled into the wilds – some returned to Shinarendreta while others plead for General Kael’s mercy in hopes of being accepted into the Free Corps.  Seeing the terrible things that could be done through the foul magic of Undermountain the Tierans took on the ways of nature to bring order and peace back in to the world.  Their holy order of knights and clerics forsaken they headed to the forests to gain insight and wisdom and to cleanse the world and prevent another blight.  Unimpeded by aristocracy, they were easily able understand the power and magic of the world around them – not only of the world above them, and their strength has prosperity has flourished.

Meanwhile, in the Fortress of Kael the Death March continues, much as it always has.  Kael’s strength has always come from its brute force and rigid military tactics, heavily backed by both the priests and it’s citizenry.  Those whom found power elsewhere, such as nature and the underworld had been executed, as they were seen as an aberration to the pureness of their cause.  Proud warriors who had fought in the War of Kaelan Independence were put to death for simply having differing viewpoints.  Some gladly gave their lives with pride and saw this as necessary to give fruition to the eminent victory of Kael while others fled into the world seeking refuge and solitude.  Through the sundering and the political revolution in Tier General Kael has greatly strengthened his role as both a military and religious power, seeking only the absolute strength at any cost.

Deep within the caverns and twisting tunnels of Undermountain the Mother Matron continued to sit on your charred defiled throne – sending her evil forces into the lands of light to continue to bring death and destruction to the world.  Now called the “Havoc Festival”, the fallen warriors of Undermountain praise the Mother for the great catastrophe that befell the world and celebrate it with great, though unholy, fervor.  They continue to rally behind the Mother – hoping to bring a reign of terror, death, and destruction down upon the world of the living.