Act of War is a kingdom-based PK MUD.  You will kill other players and you will be killed.  That being said there are a set of rules to help keep things on track, civil, and enjoyable for all of our players.

  • Adventure, exploration, and player killing are all a part of the game.  Leave town and engage the enemy as often as you want to – but try not to kill members within your kingdom.  It is permissible in the code, however, if someone abuses this and repeatedly targets their allies, people botting, or newbies they will be asked to play in a different kingdom.  The same can be held true for stealing.
  • Botting is legal but at your own risk.  Enemy players can raid your home town and kill you, even while botting.
  • Mortals on AoW choose one side on the war: Tier, Kael, or Undermountain. If you play on one side of the struggle, you must wait at least 5 minutes before you login another character in another kingdom.
  • Multiplaying is not allowed.  Multiplaying is having more than one of your characters, or characters you share with someone else, on at the same time.  There can be only one player logged on per physical player.  When logging on to a new character your old character must be completely logged out before signing in to the new one.
  • It is unacceptable to use throw-away characters.  Examples: scout out enemy situations and raids, to determine how many players are signed in to another kingdom, to disarm/set-off traps, and to give away warpoints.  This rule does not apply just to low level characters – intentionally feeding higher level characters is also not allowed (ie, feeding experience, warbucks, or warpoints).  Chat characters are permissible if you follow the above stated “5 minute rule” between kingdoms.
  • Passwords are the players responsibility.  We do not enforce a required password changing schedule and will not restrict you from sharing your characters with other players.  If you lose your password it may not be recoverable.  Additionally, if someone who has access to your character(s) decides they would like them and changes the password or deletes the character there will be no reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement’s are typically not given on Act of War.  If you choose to delete your character you will need to re-level.  Additionally, the following situations will typically not result in reimbursement: lag deaths, both due to your client side network and Act of War’s network; loss of equipment due to a crash; reconnecting in a deadly place after losing your link; following another player into a deadly situation; death due to player killing or mob death.  In some circumstances the administrative staff may choose to return corpses of players who were leveling but this is the exception and not the rule.  Seek help from within your kingdom.
  • Unnecessary spamming is not allowed.
  • Members of the administrative staff are here to help provide a positive playing experience.  Your concerns will be heard and investigated as necessary.  It is expected that the administrative staff treats our players with respect and dignity – the same is true of our players treatment of the staff.
  • If you are curious whether an action is permitted please contact a member of the administrative staff prior to acting.


  • Judgement of these rules is as the discretion of the administrative staff.  If these rules leave a gray area or if an action is unspecified in these rules but clearly violate the nature and spirit of the player experience on Act of War then the administrative staff will take action on case by case basis.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form.  This includes abusing bugs – if you find a bug please report it using the “bug <issue>” command.  This command is available to all players and are researched, vetted out, and resolved.  
  • Your ability to play here is a privilege, not a right.  Our administrative staff communicates on a daily basis, however, if you feel an administrative action towards you is unfair please email and your complaint will be researched.